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Jun 4 '12

So, When People Follow Me for Certain Things…

Doctor Who
Harry Potter

I alway get curious as to what they’ll think when I also blog about:
Kingdom Hearts
The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

As well as:

Like. Do you also watch those things, even though that’s not what you followed me for?
Are do you just put up with it?
Or have I also interested you into something new?

Cause I don’t think I can ever recall someone unfollowing me (except for one amazing girl, by accident, and she followed back. ;D lol). And it makes me really, really curious. Cause no one has ever mentioned the versitality of my blog to me before, even if they followed for just one specific thing, or suggested I make separate ones for separate things (even though I do have a separate photo blog, a separate Keri Smith blog, and a separate fitblr). Which is cool, because even when I blog on those, I always reblog them onto my main anyway because I really like sharing my work/progress with everyone here, evern people from mutual fandoms who aren’t fitblrs or artblrs or anything.

Ahh, tumblr. I love you so much. Just thought I’d say it. :)